KWF’s Donation Program

It is very primitive to think the Participation/Donation in terms of Money always. We are standing on a rendezvous where we must make things happen without the involvement of money. KWF is working to meet its objectives with less involvement of money and having a vision of becoming a No-Money Organization.

KWF has very extensive Participation/Donation Program. We work in a team and to meet our objectives we definitely need your participation of all kinds. You can simply register yourself online by showing your interest in our various membership/volunteer programs and be the part of KWF’s team.

  • Be a Volunteer at KWF. (Click here)
  • Be a Member at KWF.     
  • Provide Technical support to KWF.
  • Be an Author at KWF,s Blog and Vlog.
  • Participate in our Projects & Activities.
  • Be an Artist, Legal Expert, Web Designer etc. for KWF.
  • Be a Researcher at KWF.
  • Be a social media activist.
  • If you have no option left then as a last option you can donate Money. (To donate Money click here)